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I have a secret…

The title should give you some idea of my treatment of secrets. No, scratch that. I have a reputation as a bad keeper of secrets. What do they know anyway?? I am so much more discreet (discrete? help me out, Dictionary Terry. i still can’t keep it straight. in fact…remember when i could not remember which of two ways to pronounce certain names and you helped me with little memory tricks, pneumatics? pneumonics? does this ring a bell: “rotting with corruption” and… well, the other one is obscene. i’ll save it. maybe i won’t. KY for al quada. you figure out the trick)

Where was I?? Parenthesis have the same effect on me as spinning a little kid in three circles before letting him try to pin the tail on the donkey.

Here’s the kind of secret keeper I am: once asked to keep the secret, and reminded… maybe a second time, it’s as good as locked. But when the secret is announced and someone says “Oh…isn’t it exciting that Suzie is pregnant?” I have to bite my tongue to keep from blurting out “Yes it is, and I knew it five months ago!!” (the first trimester and the few months that they were trying). But I don’t. Seriously. I don’t say that. I just want to.

All of which leads to this: (singsong voice goes here) I have a secret, I have a secret, I have a secret. (at which point, several of my friends begin to get nervous) No, don’t worry, . Your secrets are not about to be blurted out in blog form. (Would that be “blurgted?”) It’s my own secret. I have The Best Story Idea Ever. But I’m not saying, because I want to save it for myself!!!

It’s not in the public domaine yet. But all it would take is an observant newspaper person (cuz they’re the most enterprising, i’m sorry to say) and there it would be. So…I’m crossing my fingers and sitting on it. Why not just hand it over to my colleagues? Because I want to do it myself when I get back to work, silly.

Okay. Truth be told, it’s not like this is “gonna knock this town’s socks off!” But I like it. It’s got all the perfect elements: timely, sign of the times, juicy…the kind people will talk about AND it’s tied to world events. HA!

I really need to go back to work. It’s time.

I have organized all the thread in my sewing room according to color. I spent a long time debating whether one spool belonged on the green row or the blue. Now I’m organizing my fabrics by color. What does it mean, that I have a disproportionately large amount of purple fabric? Followed by green. Then black. Then red. Lots of yellow, too. Hardly any white. Even less blue. A “normal” amount of brown and beige. Then there are the multi-print pieces that defy color categorizing. What would Melvil Dewey have done?

xoxox, Rebecca

ps: i looked it up. it’s “mnemonics” oops.