See Dick Talk

“Kiss me once and kiss me twice, then kiss me once again. It’s been a long, long time. Haven’t felt like this, my dear, since I can’t remember when. It’s been a long, long time…”

Hey, I’m back!  And as distracted & distractible as ever.  “Distraction?” you ask?  Why, yes, my dear.  Finally, after (mumbles) years & months, I return to my neglected blog. I type in my first line “It’s been a long time.”  Then, I think what I always think whenever I say that line.  I sing that line from that song (in my mind)  even though I wasn’t around in 1945 when it was all the rage.

While we’re on the subject, did I ever tell you about my 1940s phase?  When I was 16 to 19 I was fascinated with the 1940s.  I wore clothes from that era (shopped at a great place called Bazaar Bizarre, on College Ave), I tap danced on a daily basis, I even wanted to make a career of tap dancing.  Until I realized there  wasn’t much of a market for it. (broadcast news was my “safety” career, my fall-back choice.  go figure.)  Anyway, I knew and loved all the old songs.

But I digress.  (Yes.  I know, it’s kind of stale now to say “But I digress” seeing how it was cute, once or twice, three years ago. But seriously.  I mean it.  I digress.)  And digress and digress.  I’m not sure if it’s the ravages of an aging ADHD brain, or the intersection of an attention deficit and menopause.  I like to think of it as one of my charms.  Example.  My niece (Ana, the 24 year old daughter of my sister who now lives with us as she prepares for a life and a job in the big city) asks me “Did you see that movie?”  And I ask my daughter (Laura, the 20 year old who transferred to a university closer to home and moved back in. C’mon people, keep up!) “Did I see that movie?  Did I like it?”  How cute is that?  Asking your kid if you saw a movie because you can’t really remember!  Yeah, okay so it’s not cute.  It’s a little pathetic.  I blame the movie.  If it had been good, I surely would have remembered seeing it.  It’s the non memorable, mediocre ones, that don’t stick with me.  So I rely on the daughter’s memory.

Sweet Jesus, I can’t even remember what I was going to write about for this Grand Reopening Blog.  Okay, stop. Pause for a moment.  I REMEMBERED!  Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve!!  (and what kind of irony is THAT?!?!?)

Okay, now-hundreds of words into this blog, I finally get to the point!

At first I thought…PLEASE, SIR, HAVE SOME DIGNITY AND HANG IT UP!!! Then I thought…well…his mind must be there if he’s insisting on doing this in spite of his post-stroke, physical failings.  Then I thought (actually, then I probably got distracted by something. But for copy purposes, I’m gonna stay with the matter at hand) well, wait a darned (nope, i don’t really talk like that. and yes i realize my grammar and punctuation has gone to hell here. don’t bother me while i’m thinking, please) minute…more power to this guy for getting back up on that horse, stroke be damned!

It’s interesting, how uncomfortable we are in the face of physical failings.  We’d rather not be confronted by it.  Cripples. Disfigured people.  Fat people.  People who limp.  Hell, we’d rather not  have to see or hear it. All disabled people should be banished to private rooms, right?  I mean…who wants to hear/see an old guy struggling to talk through his stroke-induced, neuromuscular  disability?  It’s kind of…uh…icky. Hey, don’t get upset with me for saying that.  Be honest.  That’s our reaction.  Ick.  Which, like many things we’d rather not see, is rooted in fear.  But nevermind that.  Just get him out of here.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this.  Should he or shouldn’t he?  Maybe yes.  Yeah.  I’m gonna go with yes, he should.  Am I saying the guy should still be doing that show on network television?  Sure, why not?  It’s not as if some of those other “hosts” were much better.  I mean… could you even understand Jennifer Lopez through the giggles?  Who is Ryan Seacrest, anyway?  What did he ever do to deserve to be host of the NYE show?  But more to the point, what’s the big deal?  1-We all know the countdown numbers, so we weren’t being robbed of needed clarity, by Dick’s mumblings. 2-It’s New Year’s Eve, and Dick Clark is tradition.  3-Worse things have happened on television, did you happen to stop by CNN and see that poor Anderson Cooper forced to play straight-man to that awful redhead?  Worse yet, 4-Did you happen to see CNN at all in 2009 and witness human behavior at its cruel worst?

Okay, I’m gonna stop talking now.  Other topics to look forward to in the new year (assuming I write again in 2010) my new puppy Pip, life with two daughters (one real, one faux),  my son, all growed up, my job-now that I’m all growed up, my renewed effort to lose some weight, the cooking talents of my children, being 51, my dinner with Andre…oops, sorry. Got carried away listing.

Happy New Year!

xoxox, Rebecca


3 responses to “See Dick Talk

  1. how does that song go again?


    and hey, i like kathy griffin.

  2. TC! It’s up to $80 now (cuz i’m not counting weekend days) Happy New Year! But really. How do you feel about DC’s NYE appearance? xo-r

  3. TAP DANCING!?! Wow! I, too, went through a ’40s phase which may not yet be over.

    About Dick Clark. I don’t have a TV, so didn’t watch, but I say as long as the man is alive and wants to do this, let him. I have two friends who are severely facially disfigured, and it has been a deep stretch for me to be with them and be comfortable with them. It’s all part of life.

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