The World is Good

So I’ve been on crutches since mid May, when I broke a few bones in my leg (she says, casually). It’s hard, it hurts, I’m clumsy, bitch, moan, blah blah blah. Then…there’s the other part. People are so darned nice to you when you can’t walk.

I went to the Bay Street Apple store in Emeryville yesterday to get a new power cord for my iBook. This was the first time I’ve driven myself anyplace. The Lovely Laura has been doing all the driving, and I’m starting to make a test run here and there in preparation for my return to work. Anyway, I’m a klutz on crutches.. so getting out of the car, strapping on my backpack, pulling the crutches out, hobbling to the back of the car to get my laptop out of the trunk…it didn’t go particularly smoothly and I set off the car alarm. Nothing to see here folks, go back to your homes…

I lock the door and crutch, crutch, crutch my way across the street to the Apple store only to notice two long-ass lines stretching out of the store and down the street. I asked the iManager womanning the store if those were iPhone lines. “One is for iPhones, the other is for everything else.

Even if you just need to get a new power cord?


Even if you’re here to buy a new Mac?

“Fraid so.”

Even if I want to buy 25 new Macs, all with cash, I’d have to wait in that line?



I tell her I have a broken leg and it wasn’t easy getting here. “Yeah, I can see that…” she said, and told me to have a seat on a folding chair right inside the door. In five minutes, one of the Mac clerks came over (heck, I was willing to walk to the cash register in the back of the store…) he took my iBook and broken power cord into the back; and returned a few minutes later with all my stuff, a new cord and some paperwork for me to sign, and I was on my way. Danggggg, as Baby Luke would say.

Crutches seem to bring out the compassion in people. Last weekend I was waiting outside the Home Depot with my cart full of stuff when a man walked over and asked if he could take it to the car and load it up for me. No thanks, my daughter is about to pull up, she’ll do it. And no, he wasn’t a mass murderer, his wife was with him. I think she told him to help me. Ditto in Target, earlier that day when I was in the motorized scooter they lend to the immobile…I was gazing up at the high shelf when a man walked over (again, urged by his wife) and said “Can I reach something for you?”

People gas up your gas tank for you. Okay, so it’s the law when you’ve got a disabled parking placard. But I didn’t ask for the help, I was about to do it myself when the really sweet Costco worker said “No, no, sit in the car, I’m happy to do it for you…” Happy? Seriously? He looked like he meant it.

I dunno. Maybe it’s just simple civility and I shouldn’t be so surprised. But seriously, I’m touched. It’s just so damned nice when people are so…so… you know, so nice. My daughter thinks it’s proof that people are mostly good, and the world is an okay place. Having come off the day I just had, I’m inclined to agree.

And I’m really happy (and a little shocked) that a kid I raised actually believes the world and the people in it are inherently good. To anyone who knows me (and my neurosis) I ask: how the hell did that happen?

(Smiley face goes here)

xoxo, Rebecca

ps: Although I’m pretty sure my other child, if he reads this, will refute the premise and once again urge me to stop blogging and if I feel a need to keep my writing skills honed during recuperation, start writing term papers to sell to students or some similar enterprise. Hi Ben.


5 responses to “The World is Good

  1. How can they help being nice to you? You’re kind of adorable.

  2. i second dee wee’s remark.

    and sure, there are plenty of assholes in the world, but often, i’ve found that NOT being an asshole tends to keep people — some of them — from being an asshole back.

    wow, that sentence made no sense at all.

  3. Yessss Little Laura is right people are for the most part good, I myself carried 2 bags full of dirt out of Goodmans 2 days ago for this lady who couldn’t lift it. And she was sans crutches of any kind whatsoever….
    I am now deflowered in my Bolg virginocity.
    I hope you are proud of yourself.

  4. Your brother in Hollywood

    I’ve been catching up with you via your blogs. It’s really interesting to get in your head this way instead of transactional conversation which can be limited.
    I’m cynical (after 25+years in news…) but not pessimistic. What brightens my morning is your willingness t0 accept the good in people. It’s actually inspiring that you’ve done a great job placing another human on the planet who believes in the good that is dormant inside most of us.
    Look, everyone is full of fear. We’re scared. We’re afraid we’re:

    -not good enough
    -worthy enough
    -fit enough
    -successful enough
    -parental enough
    -outgoing enough

    The other day I was walking Wilson and Moose through my Hollywood Hills neighborhood when I came across a group of Latino workers taking a deserved break in the shade of what was a 90+ day. When they saw us, the conversation pretty much died down as they tried to become invisible. Without breaking stride I shouted out “buenos dias senores, como andas ?” They instantly lit up and passive faces morphed into big open smiles.

    See my point ? Somebody has to not be scared and give life a shot.

  5. Yes, you are one hundred percent correct! Your other child, just read this and stop blogging. What if you have to run for office? And yes, i do disagree with you, people are stupid, and they are out to get you. Ask ju papaThe first couple who tried to help you at home depot, obviously swingers into some kinky handi action, ask anybody, home depot is like a haven for swingers, and the second couple were trying to take your purse or your scooter or something.

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