The honeymoon is over

It’s been brought to my attention that I suck as a blogger. Okay, maybe my blogs don’t suck so much as my attention to blogging sucks.

I’ll tell you what happened. The moment I made a commitment to blogging, it felt like… ummm… a commitment. And you know how it is with commitments. Suddenly that swooshing noise I heard was the magic being sucked out of the room. Before I knew it…what had once been fun and exciting began to feel like an obligation. It was like I needed a literary Viagra just to set my fingers to the keyboard. Ideas for blogs eluded me. The notion of actually writing something new was greeted by my heart with the enthusiasm usually reserved for bill paying.

Woe was me.

So…we took a little break from each other, the blog and I. It wasn’t a legal separation or anything. It’s not like either of us moved into a new apartment. It was just… a little break. Pretty soon I found myself wanting to call, just to say hello. I began reading other blogs, a little misty eyed at what they have (and I don’t). One day, in Walgreens…I thought I saw the blog coming down the office supplies aisle with someone else. I have to admit, that was a shocker. The kind that makes you think long and hard about the direction your life has taken. The kind that makes you reassess your reluctance to commit.

So…here I am. I’m back. A little humbled, definitely focusing on what I have instead of what I don’t, and no longer expecting a constant diet of erudite commentary. It’s what life is made of, right? Beans and rice and the occasional filet mignon. Instead of daily fireworks, we can get comfortable together, right? I mean…who can sustain the constant passion, the high-energy zeal, the 24-7 intensity, right? Right? This doesn’t mean I’m settling or anything, nor do I expect that of you. I’m just going to…blog without judgement or expectation from now on. It’ll be a warm and loving blog based on friendship and mutual respect, with the occasional hot moment thrown in now and then.

(would’ve been easier to just say I got lazy for awhile, eh?)

xoxo, rebecca


One response to “The honeymoon is over

  1. Oh re, i feel you – commitment is hard. (i mean, i haven’t updated my poor little blog since April) but I am glad you’re back because you kinda funny.

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